What our clients are saying about us

“I have been to other providers but Athena was more professional from their atmosphere to their staff and the doctors, best of all, they helped. They really cared and helped.”

“The testing experience was great.  I now have answers and a path in front of me.”

“It seemed like my treatment has been a string of medication trials but I now have more direction.”

Most psychological conditions are treated here at Athena including Depression/Anxiety, Marital Issues, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Abuse and Trauma, Learning Disorders, Chronic Pain, Childhood Disorders, ODD, Borderline Personality, and Eating Disorders.

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Your confidentiality is important to us

The treatment offered at Athena is always confidential.

Your decision to seek help is a personal one and we make exceptional efforts to ensure your privacy.
We have staffed our group with some of the best clinicians Nashville and Murfreesboro have to offer and we deliver superior help in a very comfortable and professional setting. Your comfort and confidence in the services you receive is the most important thing in assuring effective treatment.

We believe you will find this at Athena.

About Athena Consulting

We offer counseling to people of all ages and couples. We also specialize in diagnostic and forensic work. We have a very specialized team of assessment professionals working with court related cases, Autism Spectrum issues, general diagnostic evaluations, pre-surgical evaluations, fitness for duty, law enforcement screening, and virtually every other area of psychological practice.