Children’s Services

At Athena we offer comprehensive treatment services which focus on helping your child achieve his or her maximum potential. We have a competent and professional staff of Psychologists and Counselors with years of experience in dealing with complex family issues. Services are provided in a safe and confidential atmosphere and the most reassuring part of your experience is knowing that you are getting help for your child and your family.

A Clean, Fun, & Safe Environment

We treat you and your family the way we would want to be treated. We have a fun play room and private family lobby. We also have a therapy dog named Whittan. We will do everything possible to put you and your child at ease.


Athena has supportive well-trained counselors who specialize in parenting issues and therapy that is geared toward children, as well as parents. We will help your family cope with complex family issues of depression, anxiety, behavior problems, divorce or abuse.

Academic and Psychological Testing

Academic and Psychological testing are often necessary when your child is struggling in the school environment. Poor academic performance and behavioral problems can be caused by a wide range of things including depression, unusually high or low abilities, attention problems, differing social development, and undiagnosed medical conditions. Testing can help diagnose the problem so that it can be treated or more aptly dealt with in the classroom environment. Additionally, treatments and interventions can be focused to enhance your child’s particular strengths and improve any areas of weakness.

Our Approach To Assessment

At Athena, we use the latest in testing and diagnostic procedures. We believe in a thorough assessment that includes information from all sources (the child, parents, teachers, and doctors). We incorporate testing, observational play, and talk directly to the child getting his/her input about their experiences.

Each family leaves the assessment process with a specific plan of action and a wealth of resources. Recommendations are comprehensive. We promise, if you feel lost and without answers you will not leave our office feeling the same. You will feel like there is a sense of direction and hope.

The goal is to offer your child the best future possible. We believe that knowledge is power and understanding the unique qualities of your child will help you in providing the best future for him or her.

Athena Consulting offers assessments for all ages. You have heard about the importance of early diagnosis. This is true. Accurate identification of Autism Spectrum issues can start as early as 18 months. Assessments should occur every 3-5 years depending on age.

ADHD and Learning Disorders are more easily diagnosed in early school years but more severe cases of ADHD will need to be identified as early as age 5.

Autism Spectrum

The Autism Spectrum includes such diagnostic categories as Asperger’s, Autism, “High Functioning” Autism, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Diagnosis has now moved away from these terms as they have in many ways become antiquated.

Now, our Assessments focus on the unique functioning of your Child’s brain and how they interact with their peers, family, and friends in all settings. Children on the spectrum are all individuals with their own talents and abilities. They should be treated as such.

Children on the spectrum often struggle with social difficulties, sensory issues, communication difficulties, and transition times between activities. They may obsess on particular games or activities.

With appropriate intervention, (the earlier the better as indicated by research) children on the spectrum grow to healthy adults with jobs, families, and friends. They can lead normal and happy lives.


ADHD is a combination of inattention and/or hyperactivity that becomes problematic for children to a degree that it obstructs behavior and learning. It is our belief and the recommendation of the APA, that no child should ever be treated with medication who has not undergone thorough diagnostic assessment and monitoring. Not all children with ADHD require medications. ADHD can be measured objectively and requires more than just a checklist.

Learning Disorders

Learning can be affected by any of the conditions mentioned in this brochure. The longer any child struggles with ADHD, Spectrum Disorders, or Mood Problems his/her learning can be delayed. There are also broad ranges of learning issues that can occur on their own. We are able to pinpoint the issue and determine the solutions for intervention at school and home.

Depression, Anxiety, & Bipolar

Mood disorders can affect behavior and learning. They can also co-occur with the other conditions outlined in this brochure. Again, medications are always a last resort. In particular, a diagnosis of childhood Bipolar Disorder can open the doorway to a plethora of medications that have never been tested on children. Such a diagnosis should never be made casually and testing is always warranted before treatment.

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