Overview of our Consulting Services

Athena offers a wide range of consulting services for companies including:

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Performance and Productivity Evaluations
  • Critical Incident Debriefings
  • Program Design and Evaluation for Healthcare Industry

Our Services

Therapy Services
Athena is group private practice of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Licensed Psychotherapists…
Testing Services
Psychological Testing is a useful tool in diagnosis and directing the treatment of various mental illness…
Childrens’ Services
At Athena we offer comprehensive treatment services which focus on helping your child achieve his or her maximum potential…
Forensic Services
In criminal cases, Dr. Ihrig and Dr. Boero conduct forensic evaluations and provide expert opinions in the areas of…
Immigration Services
Dr. Boero is an experienced forensic evaluator in the area of immigration law…
Weight Related Services
Working with people who are struggling with weight issues has been a focus for our group since its inception…