Click on your clinician at the time of your appointment to join their secure waiting room.

Windows: There is nothing to download, just open and click allow to grant access to your microphone and camera.

Mobile devices: Download and install the Jitsi Meet application and then click the link to join your session.

Rhonda Bartine, PMHNP-BC 

Jorge Boero, PhD 

Jennifer Collins, BMHNP-BC 

Tara Duffie, BMHNP-BC 

Amanda Hanson, PsyD 

Suzanne Hatchett, PhD 

Jordan House, LPC 

Charles Ihrig, PhD

Heather Joppich, PhD

Janice Livengood, PhD 

Ariel Newton, PMHNP-BC 

Joan Popkin, PhD 

Katie Rumble, BMHNP-BC 

Hope Seay, LPC MHSP 

Leigh Van Horn, PhD 

Maria Walton, PhD 

K.C. Wolfe, LMFT 

Brooke Word, LCSW